Legal Services in a new dimension
The benefits to Integra clients flow from innovation and choice in delivery of legal services.

To avoid the excessive overheads that keep rates high and deplete profits we have taken a serious look at what's needed and what's not.

Innovation and choice has created:
  • a streamlined work environment that maximises the use and effectiveness of resources.
  • lawyers or a team equipped to work effectively and efficiently on whatever task big or small the client or job needs.
  • a negotiated fee basis with hourly/daily/weekly/monthly rates or retainers or fixed fee basis or placement rate for longer periods as required.
  • lawyers that can work on-site or wherever as required by clients.
  • an award winning case management database developed specifically to provide a secure and confidential platform for exchange of information between all the players in the lawyer-client relationship matrix.
  • lawyers that enjoy what they do!