Legal Services in a new dimension
...There is more to the practice of law and life than a six-minute unit - consider life as an Integra lawyer

We offer our lawyers the opportunity to use their talents in a unique and flexible work structure and environment with a task specific workload providing personalised service to select quality clients – no large client base, responsibility for juniors and fee targets and or a firm budget that resembles the national debt!
  • Bring your own definition of work-life balance.
  • Working from home, from the Integra office or from the client's office is seamless for both Consultants and clients.
  • Remuneration that is rewarding and commensurate with with your efforts.
At Integra Legal there is no such creature as an FT or FTE – just real people wanting to work in an exciting and flexible work environment with clients who are just as excited and innovative in their enterprises as we are with ours.

The common thread – self-determination for clients and Consultants.