Legal Services in a new dimension
Integra Legal is an entirely new kind of law firm. It is not a recent invention of an "alternative" law firm model nor the re-invention of a traditional law firm.

Think... in-sourcing, outsourcing, project, sub-contract, temporary, locum or secondment... legal services where our clients determine the need, the how, the when, where and how much.

The model has operated successfully for over 20 years.

The concept started with the premise that a "big case" does not require a big price tag.

The idea was to provide boutique commercial law firms with the capacity to engage senior and experienced litigation lawyers in-house to service clients who would otherwise necessarily look to competitors for litigation/dispute resolution services.

Integra Legal has taken the concept into a new dimension to provide a more expansive complement of lawyers and practice areas to a synergy of law firms and their clients, in-house counsel and legal teams, government/semi-government organizations and other enterprises.

Integra Legal provides clients, lawyers and shareholders with the opportunity to create their own narrative in the provision of legal services in a unique and innovative model without the burdensome high overheads and inflexible fee structure that has for too long inhibited the enterprising aspects of providing and accessing legal services.