Integra Legal is highly proficient in all aspects of dispute resolution, including hearings and trials, private settlement negotiations, adjudications, mediations, arbitrations (local, national and international), and in the Western Australian and Federal Courts, WorkCover, Fair Work Commission, Building Commission, State Administrative Tribunal, and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Our experience encompasses dispute resolution in:

  • Commercial and property law
  • Debt recovery and insolvency
  • Building and construction law
  • Contract law
  • Environmental law
  • Employment law
  • Consumer law
  • Mining law
  • Probate law
  • Native Title law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Professional negligence disputes

Our priority is always risk management and the minimisation of the prospect of disputes for our clients, as by avoiding the potential for dispute, our clients are in a better position to resolve their dispute. However, where necessary, our Disputes Resolution Practice has established an enduring, experienced and respected practice in resolving disputes in the most efficient and cost effective manner for clients in all of the above jurisdictions.