Legal Services in a new dimension
Think subcontract, out-sourcing, in-sourcing and projects.


  • putting together a team for that complex or larger transaction or project.
  • extra capacity during cyclical or periodical workflows
  • secondment in during upturns in workflow, secondments out during troughs,
  • locum service
  • intermediary with or monitoring of existing legal services,
  • task related assignments - discovery or witness statements.
  • due diligence in a commercial process.
  • temporary support to cover maternity/paternity, long service, compassionate or other leave
...... the combinations and permutations are endless.

Integra Legal offers an alternative and does the work for you. We have the lawyer or team to fill your changing work flow needs.

If the resources or expertise are not available in-house, don't lose your client to another firm or if you are the client, don't waste precious time looking for alternatives. Through the unique synergy offered by Integra Legal we can source the lawyer or team you need to achieve your objectives.

Our lawyers cover all practice areas relevant to your business... if we don't we'll find them.