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Estate Planning:

Our Estate Planning Practice is knowledgeable in all aspects of this area of law, and approaches each client understanding that there is no standard estate plan that will meet the needs of all clients. An estate plan is more than making a Will and enduring power of attorney. Many clients have complex personal circumstances and asset structures which may include trusts, private companies or self-managed superannuation funds.

We consider that the purpose of an estate plan is to create the blueprint for the succession of assets during the client’s lifetime, incorporating the client’s financial planning objectives and dealing with any taxation issues which may unravel the benefits of the estate plan after the client’s death, following which there will be a need for Applications for Probate or Letters of Administration, Estate Administration, or the issue of contested will applications may arise. We also advise the client of strategies to protect the estate as much as possible against any real or perceived risk of bankruptcy, relationship breakdown or claims against the estate.