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Corporate Governance and Compliance:

Integra Legal has developed a knowledgeable practice in the advice to and representation of corporations, including Indigenous Corporations, in building corporate capacity and structuring, and in establishing good corporate governance and compliance practices, including but not limited to ensuring that directors of these corporations understand and acknowledge their duties as follows: care and diligence in exercising their powers and discharging their duties responsibly and seriously; duty of good faith to act in the best interests of the corporation; duty of disclosure of any conflicts of interest to the other Directors in any matter which relates to the corporation’s affairs; duty not to improperly use their position or information obtained as a Director for any purpose other than the business of the corporation, and duty not to allow the corporation to trade while insolvent or if there are reasonable grounds to suspect insolvency. As part of our specialisation in this area, we have developed Corporate Governance Packages for the assistance of directors in carrying out their duties.

As mentioned above, we also provide corporate risk management (in particular, contractual risk management measures) for clients in resource and industrial sectors, engineers, architects and other professional service providers.